Consider Your Tummy for the Specialized Gurkha Menu

27 Feb 2020

Gurkha men are known for their endearing achievements with their tender muscular body. What could be the secret behind it? Well, this blog will help you understand behind their lightning physique and what makes them become so. As we are very familiar that Gurkhas are young and stolidly built men who spend their life growing in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. Along with their lifestyle, their food habitat is something that even Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex enjoys. Further apart from their royal service, these people have been an essential member of the British society basically for their influence in the armed forces.

Along with their bravery, Gurkhas are also known for their delicious food. The Himalayas offer some relishing food items. You may be a little confused if it is your first visit to a Nepalese restaurant as they provide a wide range of eatables. Most of the customer face issue with the food item; however, there is nothing to worry as the staffs will help customers to select the best food item. In comparison to the entire food item, if you want to taste the traditional cuisine, ordering the specialized Gurkha menu will surely make you want to eat more.

Prepared with an assortment of most precious spices, you can taste the authentic taste of the Himalayan curries. The chefs are expert in mixing the spices that can turn any food into an elixir. Further, our Gurkha Durbaar offers an atmosphere of comfort where you can relish your food. Among the most used spices are the mixture of cumin and coriander that brings the ultimate taste to your taste buds. The restaurant also offers other varieties of food items. The Nepalese momo or dumpling is one of the most liked things that people relish once who visit the restaurant.

Offer and Discounts

The Gurkha Durbaar comes with many offers and discounts to its customers. You must know that every month has a festival in the Hindu calendar and this is one of the reasons why you will find the restaurant to have a jam-packed environment. However, that does not mean that we do not care for our customer. Unlike other restaurants, not only do we offer palatable food but also a friendly environment. Our mythology teaches about the world being a big family and if it is so, how can we illtreat our own family.


With the team of most exceptional staff, Gurkha Durbaar stands apart. This is so because our Gurkha menu includes all-time favourite foods such as Biryanis, Himalayan Goat curries and grilled food items such as saslik special, Tnadoori chicken. These are some of the most loved assortment that we offer for our clients. Apart from providing Nepalese dishes, Gurkha Durbaar also specializes in rendering premium Indian delicacies such as Hyderabadi chicken majestic, crispy fish chilli and nawabi handi karahi. Gurkha Durbaar offers you a wide variety of eatables. Visit our website an see what we can provide for you.