place to eat in peterborough

Place to Eat in Peterborough

Food and hospitality is what a social being strives for. Many restaurants offer food, but Gurkha Durbaar is the most exceptional place to eat in Peterborough, along with its hospitable climate. If you have not experienced the hosting skill of Gurkha men, do visit our Gurkha Durbaar, which stands as the best place to eat in Peterborough. Likewise, this is not designated by us but by our customers. Also, Gurkha Durbaar is the only Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough which offer palatable foods from the south-east Asian nations. Prepared with some of the fresh herbs and spices from the northern plains of the Himalayas, the ingredients from pristine climate and healthy environment brings the exotic taste to your tongue. Further, the cuisine is prepared explicitly with love and care that brings richness to the food. We believe that the more intense the cooking structure, the more delicious the food.

Contemporary to the early Nepalese kingdom, Gurkha Durbaar uses the same traditional style in preparing your delicacy. Along with that, the curries are specially made by marinating various herbs indigenous to the Himalayas. Not only does it flavours your taste buds, but it also warms your body. Gurkha Durbaar is the only place to eat in Peterborough, where young Gurkha soldiers visit to taste the meal of their motherland. All the cooking ingredients are freshly brought from the Indian subcontinent. This helps to enhance the divine taste of your meal. However, we have come up with the most desired menus by our customers. When visiting the best place to eat in Peterborough, you should order these items.

Himalayan Goat Curry

Famous Nepalese Village Style Goat Meat, Bone Cooked With Red Onion, Garlic & Green Chilli

Hariyali Lamb

Cooked with Fresh Basil, Mint, Spring Onion and Mixed Spices

Chicken or Lamb Bhutuwa

A Traditional Nepalese Dish Cooked with Fresh Garlic and Crushed Chilli

Himali King Prawn Masala

Served with Flavoursome Chutney

Chicken Majestic

Inspired from Hyderabad Street Food Full of Flavour

Malai Murgh

Chicken Thigh Meat Marinated with Garlic, Ginger and Cream

Chicken Pakora

Boneless Chicken in Batter of Chickpeas Flour, Mild Spice & Deep Fried

Tandoori Chicken

Marinated with Various of Spices and Grilled in a Clay Oven

Mughlai Mutton Gosht

Slow Cooked Lamb with Lots Of Amazing Flavours of Spices with Tomato, Ginger and Garlic. Chefs Favourite Mouth Watering Delicacy

Laal Maas

Famous & Fiery Meat, Bone Cooked with Red Onion, Garlic & Green Chilli

Nawabi Handi Karahi

Grilled Chicken, Lamb, King Prawn Cooked GD Special Spices

Battakh Rogan

Duck Breasts Cooked with Tomatoes, Green Herbs and Spring Onion

Butter Chicken

Marinated Grilled Chicken Meat Cooked with GD Special Makhani Sauce

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala

Cooked With Hot and Flavoursome Creamy Sauce

Gurkha Durbaar is also known for its exquisite Indian foods. We offer all the varieties of Indian culinary items. Everyone loves the Mughal recipes from the subcontinent. The intricate pattern of preparation brings astounding taste to your taste bud. The refined cooking style by our chefs has ultimately garnered a marvelous place to eat in Peterborough. Apart from providing the best food service, the Gurkha Durbaar team is very dedicated to its customers. If you are looking to host a party, or have a family dining, speak to our executive in charge. We shall offer our Reservation Services with the warmest hospitality. Further, you should also know that Gurkhas are widely known for their sheer companionship, just put a step forward and see how we stand for you.

Meanwhile, Gurkha Durbaar is the only place to eat in Peterborough, where customers are rewarded with VIP memberships. Get yourself a premium VIP card and avail the latest offers every time you walk into the restaurant. We charge a minimum amount, which is valid for over a year. Further, if you want to know more about the services, you can drop down an email or call us. We are here to serve you.