Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough

Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough

If you have not tasted some of the exquisite dishes from the land of Gurkhas, you are missing a significant taste of the Himalayas. But, as you read about the various eatables that Gurkha Durbaar offers you, come to the Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough, and we shall engulf your taste bud with the palatable and mouth-watering dishes of Nepali food. All the meals that we offer to our guests have been passes on through centuries by our forefathers, and we shall further maintain the same taste the mystic laps of Himalayas have given us. Come to our Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough and surprise yourself with the flavours that none other can offer except the Gurkha Durbaar.

Traditional Nepalese Kitchen

If you have not experienced the hospitality of a Gurkha, this is the right place that you need to attend. You must have heard that men and women from the erstwhile Himalayan kingdom have a friendly personality, so is it with our kitchen. Come to our Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough and be a part of our growing family. None others shall offer you such intimate affection like we do. We follow the ancient Hindu ethic of a guest as a form of god. Visit our Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough for the exemplary foodservice. Once you taste our traditional Nepalese food, you will fall in love with the cuisine.

Likewise, Gurkha Durbaar offers a wide range of Nepalese food for its customers. All the menus provided are prepared by our chief chef, along with our executive staff members. Our Nepalese food restaurant is dedicated to delivering royal service alike to the former royal kingdom of Nepal.

Edamame Beans £4

Healthy Soya Beans with GD Special Seasonings

Palak Soup £5

Spinach and Green Herbs Served with Mini Naan

Vegetable Momo £5

Served with Flavoursome Chutney

Surprise Pot £8

A Selection of Vegetarian Starters

Chicken Momo £5

Served with Flavoursome Chutney

Chilli Chicken £5

Cooked with Nepalese Flavoursome Hot Spices

Six Seasons Smoked Lamb £7

Inspired by Nepalese Seasons and Spices

Grilled Duck £13

Marinated with Special Nepalese Spices and Barbecued in a Clay Oven

Mixed Grill £18

Lamb Chop, Malai Murgh, Hariyali Tikka, Tandori Chicken, Tandori King Prawn, and Sheekh Kebab

Himalayan Goat Curry £12

Famous Nepalese Village Style Goat Meat, Bone Cooked with Red Onion, Garlic & Green Chilli

Hariyali Lamb £13

Cooked with Fresh Basil, Mint Spring Onion and Mixed Spices

Flamed Chicken Or Lamb £14

With Nepalese Herb and Sun Dried Tomatoes, Yogurt and Green Chillis

Chicken or Lamb Bhutuwa £13

A Traditional Nepalese Dish Cooked with Fresh Garlic and Crushed Chilli

These Dishes are cooked with Nepalese Hot and Flavoursome Spices GD’s Favourite Herbs and Spices, Including Fresh Spring Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilli, with a Touch of Sichuan Pepper; you will get the Real Taste of Kathmandu.

Chicken £12

Lamb £14

King Prawn£16

Malabar King Prawns £16

Cooked with Malabar Spices and Coconut Milk

Himali King Prawn Masala £16

Cooked with Fresh Cream and Special Masala Sauce

Pnacharatna Dal £7

Moong Chana, Toor Urad, Masoor Rajasthani Style

Spice Pancha Vegetables £9

Famous Five Vegetable Saag, Potato, Okra, Mushroom And Aubergine with GD Special Sauce

GD Special Fried Rice £4

Finest Basmati Rice Cooked with Chicken & Special Nepalese Herbs

Egg Fried Rice £3

Seasoned Basmati Rice Cooked with Egg

Naan Or Roti £3

Finest Basmati Rice Cooked with Chicken & Special Nepalese Herbs

Gurkha Special Naan £4

(Topped with Garlic, Spring Onion, Coriander with Touch of Lemon Juice)

Rice, Millet And Corn Bread £4

(Inspired by Nepalese People Residing in the Mountian)

Experience the best dining structure with us

Gurkha Durbaar offers an exquisite dining structure where our Nepalese foods are served with utmost regard and hospitality. We are the only Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough that offers you such varieties of delicious eateries of Nepal. Similarly, Gurkha Durbaar aims to provide the delectable taste to the customers in Peterborough so that they galore the ecstasy of Nepalese food items. To ensure a unique dining event, customers can also Book a Reservation. You can talk to our customer support executive, and we shall make your visit a distinctive moment. If you are new to our service, we urge you to visit our Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough and experience the godly treatment that we have been serving since the inception of our hospitality.