Indian restaurant in Peterborough

Indian restaurant in Peterborough

Luscious food can bring cravings; however, such food can be found if one explores the depth of its ingenuity. But here Gurkha Durbaar has brought you some exquisite food varieties extending from the scintillating Himalayan ranges to the southern extent of the Indian Ocean. Further, we bring you the traditional influence of Afghanistan to the organic and refreshing herbs of the eastern Arakan hills. We are an Indian restaurant in Peterborough that believes the Sanskrit mantra “Atithi Devo Bhave” which further translates into an idea, "Guest is God". Our Indian food is a staggering ample of excellence where you experience the culinary skill that has been passed through generations and generations.

The Most Palatable Asian Dish

Our foods in the Indian restaurant in Peterborough by Gurkha Durbaar offers you the most exotic eatables prepared by some of the most exceptional chefs. Take a step further to taste our delectable food varieties, and we shall enrich your taste buds with our delightful dishes. We will render you the flavours ranging from deserts of Afghanistan to the splendid Chinese culinary. Likewise, if you want to experience the majestic royal durbar dining of maharajas, Our Gurkha Durbaar is the only destination that you need to visit.

Taste from the Himalayas

This sounds little surprising but, we shall provide you with the natural flavour of the Himalayas. Added with various Himalayan herbs and spices that are only found in the south-east Asian subcontinent, our foods are prepared by some of the courteous and skilled staffs who have mastered the science of Indian culinary skills. We believe that our expertise blends sheer food texture with the taste that the Himalayan vegetation has to offer. On the other hand side, all the food that we offer are cooked, especially with the latest technology, keeping in mind about the traditional style as well as taste.

However, as the leading Indian restaurant in Peterborough, we offer wide ranges of vegetarian as well as non- vegetarian Indian food. For your convenience, we have come up with a specialized food menu.

House Green Salad £4

With Cucumber, Carrots, Onion, Green Leaf and Olives

Palak Soup £4

Spinach and Green Herbs Soup Served with Mini Naan

Edamame Beans £ 4

Healthy Soya Beans with GD Special Seasonings

Empress Pakora £5

Made with Spinach, Potato and Onion

Croquette £6

Made with Panner and Seasonal Vegetables

Onion Bhaji £4

Crispy Okra £6

Delicious Tangy & Spicy Flavours

Surprise Pot £8

A Selection of Vegetarian Starters

Durbaari Sheekh Kebab £7

Chicken and Lamb Minced Meat Prepared Desi Spice

Chicken Majestic £5

Inspired from Hyderabad Street Food Full of Flavour

Majestic lamb Chops £8

Marinated in Gd Secret Spices and Grilled

Chilli Garlic Prawns £8

King Prawns Cooked With Chilli, Garlic and GD Special Spices

Malai Murgh £7

Chicken Thigh Meat Marinated With Garlic, Ginger and Cream, (Still Slightly Pink When Fully Cooked)

Scallops £7

Prepared with Gd Special Garlic Sauce

Crispy Spicy Squid £7

Deep Fried in Spicy Batter

Chicken Pakora £5

Boneless Chicken in Batter of Chickpeas Flour, Mild Spice & Deep Fried

Saslik Special

With Peppers, Onion & Tomatoes

Chicken £11

Lamb £12

Paneer Tikka £10

Mixed Grill £18

Lamb Chop, Malai Murgh, Hariyaliu Tikka, Tandori Chicken, Tandori King Prawn And Sheikh Kebab

Tandori Chicken £11

Marinated With Various of Spices and Grilled In A Clay Oven

Basil Salmon Tikka £14

Basil Paste Marinated Salmon Cooked In a Clay Oven

Grilled Duck £13

Marinated With Special Nepalese Spice and Barbecue in a Clay Oven

Tandori King Prawn £15

Marinated With Nepalese Herbs & Spices, Cooked In Clay Oven

Lamb Deluxe £15

GD Special Lamb Chops, Smoked Lamb and Sheekh Kebab

Seafood Deluxe £20

GD Selection of Succulent King Prawns, Scallops and Salmon

Mughlai Mutton Gosht £ 14

Slow Cooked With Lots Of Amazing Flavours Of Spices With Tomato, Ginger And Garlic. Chefs Favourite Mouth Watering Delicacy

Nawabi Handi Karahi £13

Grilled Chicken, Lamb, King Prawn Cooked With GD Special Spices

Battakh Rogan £14

Duck Breasts Cooked With Tomatoes, Green Herbs and Spring Onion

Laal Maas £14

Famous & Fiery Meat Curry from Rajasthan, Rich in Chilli And Garlic

Butter Chicken £13

Marinated Grilled Chicken Meat Cooked with GD Special Makhani Sauce

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala £12

Cooked With Hot and Flavoursome Creamy Sauce

Malabar King Prawns £ 16

Cooked With Malabar Spices and Coconut Milk

GD Fish Curry £12

Boneless Fish in a Traditional Sauce with Tamarind Curry Leaves, Ground Mustard Seeds, And A Hint Of Chopped Garlic

Dum Refers To The Cooking Process Of Biryani Where The Meat Or The Vegetables Are Layered With Rice And Steamed Together Until They Are Cooked To Perfection. All Our Dum Biryanis Are Cooked With Seasoned Rice Traditional Way Accompanied With Raitha, “ Subject To Availability”

Chicken Biryani £12

Lamb Biryani £13

Vegetarian Biryani £11

GD Special Biryani £16

Chicken, Lamb, King Prawns and Mushrooms Cooked With Cashew Nuts and Fresh Mint

Fresh Saag (Spinach) £7

Cooked with Fresh Ginger and Garlic

Aubergine And Potato £7

With Mixed Spices and Spring Onions

Dal Makhani £8

Urad Dal Soaked Overnight for its Creaminess and the Authentic Taste of North India

Lemon Rice £3

South Indian Lemon Flavor Mixed With Curry Leaves and Mustard Seeds

Naan or Roti £3

Paratha £3

Peshauri Naan (stuffed with nuts and seeds) £3

Garlic And Cheese Naan £3

Mushroom and Tomato Kulcha £4

Keema and Peas Kulcha £4

To provide our customers with the excellent dining structure, we are the only Indian restaurant in Peterborough that offers a royal service. If you are on a dinner date or a family meets up, you should get the courteous service provided by Gurkha Durbaar. Further, to make your visit a great enigma, we offer Reservation Bookings too. Similarly, our dynamic restaurant staffs shall provide you with an elegant touch of the Indian royal felicitation. As a leading Indian restaurant in Peterborough, ours is a premium service where guests shall be designated accordingly. Besides, the Gurkha Darbar has also come up with VIP Members where special privileges are offered in the service. You can get yourself the VIP Member Card from our Indian restaurant in Peterborough and takes some exciting rewards every time you enjoy some flavoursome Indian food.