Indian Currys in Peterborough

Indian curries are some of the delicious food items that bring flavour to your taste bud. Similarly, enriched with natural minerals and fibres; these curries can be relished along with starters as well as our Gurkha Durbaar unique signature dishes. The Indian Currys in Peterborough are prepared by our executive master chef, who has specialized Indian culinary art. Visit our restaurant for Indian Currys in Peterborough, and we shall impress you with our affectionate hospitality.

Food Cooked With Affection Tastes Much Better

It might sound surprising but, this a real fact. Through our long term experience in the food and beverage industry, we share the ultimate truth that food cooked without love and emotion tastes bland rather than meals prepared with sincere dedication. Gurkha Durbaar is not just a commercial restaurant but a hub for homemade food lovers. We are the only dinning house for Indian Currys in Peterborough that offer homemade food for our customers. Moreover, this is not claimed by us but by our esteemed clients who have privileged us to serve them. On the other hand, our dedicated staffs from the restaurant for Indian Currys in Peterborough keep pushing boundaries to satisfy the needs.

Get your dish at an economical price

As we have earlier mentioned that our restaurant for Indian Currys in Peterborough is not a commercial eatery store but is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Similarly, we offer wide variety of Indian Currys in Peterborough that none other offers all over Peterborough. For your ease, we provide you the food menu of all the Indian curries that Gurkha Durbaar proffers.

Laal Maas £14

Famous & Fiery Meat Curry from Rajasthan, Rich in Chilli and Garlic

Himalayan Goat Curry £12

Famous Nepalese Village Style Goat Meat, Bone Cooked with Red Onion, Garlic & Green Chilli

GD Fish Curry £12

Boneless Fish in a Traditional Sauce with Tamarind Curry Leaves, Ground Mustard Seeds, and a Hint of Chopped Garlic

You Don't Need To Pre-Book Restaurant

Namesake to our military service, Gurkha Durbaar hosts guests as they arrive to taste the Indian Currys in Peterborough. You can visit us, and we shall offer you the most excellent food service. However, if you want your visit to be regal, we also render a Table Reservation service. You can speak to us at the given number, and we will be waiting to deliver the service. Come to our Gurkha Durbaar restaurant, where you get the delicious Indian Currys in Peterborough. We believe our customers to be a form of god, and we leave no stones unturned in worshipping them.