Chicken Momo

Chicken Momo Recipe

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 30 min
Total: 40 min

Learn to prepare the delicious chicken momo recipe under the guidance of the best chefs from Gurkha Durbaar. Adored with luscious spices and herbs, chicken momo is a popular street food loved by the youngster. Easy to prepare and serve makes chicken momo the most loved snack. Additionally, the low carbohydrate and high nutrition amount make this dish the most relished food items in the UK. Also known as dumpling, Gurkha Durbaar will reveal the secret recipe. Once you learn to prepare it yourself, your taste glands will starve more for it.

Besides the chutney makes the momo taste more majestic. Dip the chicken momo in the chutney and enjoy the exotic natural flavours of the spices. With a tangy and sour taste, our chicken momo recipe from Gurkha Durbaar will make your day. However, not wasting time, we will guide you to prepare chicken momo using a simple method.


Carbohydrate Fats Protein Cholesterol Fibre Calorie
10.94 g 10.1 g 1.7022 g N/A N/A 145.4 Kcal


  1. Boiled Chicken 300 gm
  2. Flour 450 gm
  3. Ginger 1 inch
  4. Onion 1 large
  5. Green Chilly 1
  6. Salt ½ tsp
  7. Soy Sauce 1 tsp
  8. Water, as per the requirement


  • Carbohydrate 10.94 g
  • Fats 10.1 g
  • Protein 1.7022 g
  • Cholesterol N/A
  • Fibre N/A
  • Calorie 145.4 Kcal

Cooking Instructions

1. Wash the herbs and chicken in a separate tumbler, now rinse it with warm water and chop all the vegetables and keep them aside separately.

2. On the other hand, put water in a pan or pressure cooker and boil the chicken further add a pinch of salt and pepper as it cooks. To bring more flavour, you can also add some garlic and onion paste. As soon as the chicken boils, transfer it to a bowl and shred it into fine pieces.

3. When preparing the dough in the chicken momo recipe, add the refined oil in the flour and mix it with salt. Add water and make a smooth dough. Make sure that you do not make any lumps while forming the dough. Meanwhile, leave the dough aside and bring the main course. Mix all the vegetables with the shredded chicken. Add the soy sauce and see how the colour changes. Stir the mixture well. Take the dough and roll it into balls.

4. Now flatten the balls and add the chicken veggie mixture in the centre. Overlap the edges of the dough and secure it to make a momo. Repeat the same with other balls. Further, put the chicken momo in a steamer and leave it for 20 minutes. Once the momo turns tender, scoop it up into a platter and serve it with spicy chutney. Now your chicken momo is ready to be eaten.

5. So, these are the ingredients and the method that Gurkha Durbaar uses to serve its customers. You can enjoy this delectable food item along with your family and friends at your comfort zone. But, keep in mind that you can experience the ultimate taste only if you eat it when the chicken momo is warm.


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This recipe Looks pretty as well as Delicious.

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The Dish is Awesome in Taste and very Easy to Cook.

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I fall in Love with the Momo as a Snack.

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It Trigged My Greed more for Chicken Momo, you know.

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After Dipping the Chicken Momo in Chutney,God I am in Heaven.

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It's very easy to make and Delicious to eat.

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The dish gave me evening spark with it's tongue watering Smell and fantastic taste.

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This Chicken Momo makes my whole family happy.

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I made it on my own and it's taste is amazingly Superb.

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Fabulously Great in taste with exotic flavour of Chicken and spice.