Best Restaurant in Peterborough

Best Restaurant in Peterborough

Gurkha Durbaar is known as the capital of food lovers. We are the best restaurants in Peterborough due to our vibrant and diverse delicacies. We strive to reach the pinnacle of glory so that our customers can taste the best food with the utmost comfort. Further, Gurkha Durbaar has kept the cost at a very economical rate so that our clients can visit us anytime and taste the foods from the diverse Indian subcontinent. Our customer satisfaction ratio has brought a tag of excellence, and we consider our brilliance to our well-dedicated staff. Due to their sheer hardship, we hold the title of being the best restaurants in Peterborough. Apart from that, we are also known as the only Peterborough restaurants that specialize in offering spicy northern Indian foods. Apart from that, being a Nepalese restaurant, our chef has an exquisite experience in preparing delectable Nepalese dishes.

Preparation of Delicacies in Our Peterborough Restaurant

As we have stated earlier that Gurkha Durbaar is blessed with some of the young, motivated, and devoted staff that helps to manage the guest like we do when guests visit our home. Gurkha Durbaar is the only Peterborough restaurants that offer such a homely environment all over the UK. Goodwill and courtesy is the fountain of our existence. Besides, all the spices and herbs are freshly imported from various parts of Nepal and India. You will be amazed to know that most of the herbs come from the foothills of the Himalayas.

In contrast, the spices marinated in your food are brought from the south Indian state of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. These are the only place where refined quality spices grow. Likewise, the chilies that enhance the colour and taste are directly imported from the majestic state of Rajasthan in India. Being the best restaurants in Peterborough, Gurkha Durbaar does not take any chance so that our food quality degrades.

How Do We Maintain The Cost?

Although it takes a lot of time and expense to deliver the best to our customers, we charge a minimum amount for our service. In comparison to our competitors, Gurkha Durbaar is the only Peterborough restaurants that offer the best service at the least amount. However, our service is loved by all the customers who visit us. This garners our customer satisfaction ratio, which ultimately helps us strive in the competitive world. Gurkha Durbaar aims not to do business but to make our family larger as our ancestors did since the inception. We believe in the Sanskrit term “Vasudhavia Kutumbakam," which means "The world is one family." Gurkha Durbaar is here to serve this one big family. Similarly, Gurkha Durbaar enlists some of the distinct varieties of food that customers love to explore when they visit us. Go through the food menu and see which delicacy you want to try when you visit us.

Momo (Vegetable As Well As Chicken)

Served with Flavoursome Chutney

Chilli Paneer

Cooked with Flavoursome Nepalese Hot Spices

Chilli Chicken

Cooked with Nepalese Flavoursome Hot Spices

Six Seasons Smoked Lamb

Inspired by Nepalese Seasons and Spices

Himalayan Goat Curry

Famous Nepalese Village Style Goat Meat, Bone Cooked with Red Onion, Garlic & Green Chilli


Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb, GD Special

Malabar King Prawn

Cooked with Malabar Spices and Coconut Milk

Spicy Chicken Tikka Masala

Cooked with Hot and Flavoursome Creamy Sauce

Butter Chicken

Marinated Grilled Chicken Meat Cooked with GD Special Makhani Sauce

Mughlai Mutton Gosht

Slow Cooked Lamb with Lots of Amazing Flavours of Spices with Tomato, Ginger, and Garlic. Chefs Favourite Mouth Watering Delicacy

Nawabi Handi Karahi

Grilled Chicken, Lamb, King Prawn Cooked Gd Special Spices

Laal Maas

Famous & Fiery Meat Curry from Rajasthan, Rich in Chilli and Garlic

Tandoori Chicken

Marinated with Various Spices and Grilled in a Clay Oven

Lamb Deluxe

GD Special Lamb Chops, Smoked Lamb and Sheekh Kebab

Aubergine and Potato

With Mix Spices and Spring Onions

Tofu And Green Beans

Cooked in Medium Spice

The Gift from the Gurkhas Durbaar

As premium Peterborough restaurants, Gurkha Durbaar has specific responsibilities towards its customers. We offer various types of services apart from food and beverage. Being one of the best restaurants in Peterborough, Gurkha Durbaar caters reservation service to our customers. A client can book the service as per the need, and we shall entertain you with the best hospitality. Similarly, our Peterborough restaurants have also come up with a VIP membership where you can get some of the exciting offers when you come to our restaurant. To receive the benefit of VIP membership, visit our official website.