For those looking for the highest standards of hospitality, you need to look no further than Gurkha Durbaar, the only Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough, a name that exemplifies the pinnacle of service and food excellence. Experience, talent, skill, and a sincere desire to treat guests with absolute courtesy pours forth like a fountain of goodwill to those who step inside in our Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough. Here is all that is special about the kind of cuisine that began long ago in Nepal.

The land of Nepal, which rises to meet the dominant peaks of the Himalayas, was once a land of myth and mystery. Like an exotic ribbon, she lays cradled between the great plains of the Indian subcontinent to the south and the great land of China beyond the icy walls of Mount Everest and the other majestic summits to the north.

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Sixteenth century travellers arriving there would have encountered the Mogul Empire, which for two hundred years stretched its influence from Afghanistan to Kashmir. Much like the respected Ghurkha soldiers of modern day Nepal, the Moguls were fearsome warriors, spreading their culture as their conquests grew. Borrowing ideas they discovered along the way, their unique way of preparing food became one such legacy of those days which lives on in contemporary Mughlai cuisine.

Akin to that, our Indian restaurant in Peterborough follows the contemporary tradition established by our ancestors. Along with the bravery of the men, their food has merited many men in war as well as peace. Gurkha Durbaar is a Nepalese restaurant in Peterborough that still inhibits the tradition passed through centuries. To bellow your satisfaction, our Indian restaurant in Peterborough offers some of the tastiest Indian Currys in Peterborough. Visit us and make a memory of the Himalayan herbs.


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